Transient Criminals

Who are these criminals that specifically target senior citizens? They are a group of highly organized specialists in frauds and scams, who travel from city to city, from state to state, usually traveling some distance from their home to commit their crimes. The police have named this group TRANSIENT CRIMINALS. Because these criminals move from one area to another, law enforcement depends on shared information and improved reporting systems. It is extremely important that these crimes are reported to the police department.

The TRANSIENT CRIMINAL targets the senior citizen for several reasons. Seniors are more trusting in nature and are less likely to report the crime. They feel embarrassed or fear losing their independence, if they fall victim to these types of crimes. Many senior citizens keep large sums of money and other valuables at home. Senior citizens are more apt to have physical infirmities and are often alone during the day. Many times they are unaware of traveling con artists.