Home Repair Fraud

Senior citizens are approached by individuals offering to perform various home repair jobs such as driveway repair, roof or gutter repair, and chimney cleaning. The perpetrators claim to have materials left over from other jobs, offer significant discounts, or claim they were sent by a close relative or friend. Once the job is completed, the cost of the work is suddenly more than the first quote and payment in cash is demanded. The con artist may accompany the victim to the bank, to ensure payment in cash. Sometimes these home repair con artists will commit burglary if the opportunity presents itself.

Prevention Tips

  1. ALWAYS lock your doors when doing yard work, getting the mail, or anytime you go outside – both the front and back doors.
  2. NEVER allow strangers inside your home.
  3. CHECK with the utility company by telephone if an employee wants to enter your home, or wants you to come outside with them.
  4. BEWARE of unsolicited home repairmen. If you need the services of a home repairman, check with the township building officials to make sure they are legitimate. Be suspicious of anyone knocking at your door asking to make repairs to your home, or asking to pave or seal your driveway.
  5. WRITE DOWN the plate number of any suspicious vehicles they may be operating.