Community Services Unit

The Community Service Unit serves as a bridge between the public and the police department. In addition to improving trust and cooperation with the public, the unit attempts to reduce crime and violence by building relationships among the community and the police through positive interactions. Officers assigned to the unit participate in a myriad of activities including school presentations, special events, police demonstrations and interactions, and community engagement meetings or “think tanks.”

If there is a problem or an event where input or interaction from officers may be beneficial, the Community Services Unit is the one to contact.  The Community Services Unit is part of the Operations Division and is supervised by Lt. J. Glennon.

Lt. Jeffrey Glennon
(908) 735-6000 x406
DSGT. Sean Ross
(908) 735-6000 x412
Ptl. L. Anthes
(908) 735-6000 x402