K-9 UNit

The Clinton Township Police Department’s K-9 Unit was formed in 2018. The Clinton Township K-9 teams are currently Sgt. Tiger and K-9 Tapko and Ptl. Dickson and K-9 Uzza. Both teams completed a ten-week narcotics school where the dogs learn to detect various illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy.

K-9 team Sgt. Tiger and K-9 Tapko then attended a twenty-one-week patrol academy where they are trained to track a human scent, perform building and area searches, and apprehend suspects among other techniques. Upon completion of training, the K-9’s and their handlers are assigned to the Patrol Division and are available to assist local, county and other agencies when needed.

Sgt. Tiger and Tapko
(908) 735-6000 x415
Ptl. Dickson and Uzza
(908) 735-6000 x417